Starting Again

Hey guys,

So I haven’t posted in a bit (understatement of the century), and the reason being is mainly because I was unhappy with my blog. I felt I’d come to a standstill with it and I had no motivation to write nor did I have anything worthwhile to produce for you. I took a break from blogging and I miss it a hell of a lot! 

I’m going to be stopping this blog and instead have created a new one with a new name and a new ‘look’ to it. I feel like with a new blog I can truly start again and make my blog the best I possibly can for my lovely readers. I would be very, very grateful if you could check out my new blog ( ) and possibly click on the follow button or subscribe to it through email. I’m yet to post on it but my first post will be tomorrow, so that’s my fresh start. Let me know what you think of my new blog and if you’re not already, please follow my Twitter (@SarahSaidx) and my instagram (@picnicwithpeonies) for updates on my blogpost.


Eat, wear, live. 

  Hey guys, 

So it’s about time I share with you a food item I’ve been addicted to, clothing or makeup I’ve been loving and give you a little life update. 


 I’ve always been partial to a cup of fruit tea but recently I’ve become much more reliant on it. The two flavours I have been particularly enjoying are the Twining’s cranberry and green tea and cranberry  and blood orange. I’ve been drinking at least two cups a day and I tend to have the green tea in the morning; I find it refreshing and awakening, I just wish it wasn’t always such a rush to drink it! Then in the evening I put one of each tea bags in to get the wonderous benefits of green tea but still get the flavour of the cranberry and blood orange. I know it’s not exactly a food item but it’s the only think I’ve become obsessed with recently. 

  One of my favourite pieces I have bought recently is this dress from New Look. It’s a grey, ribbed dress with a slight high neck collar but the thing I really love is the layered design at the top. Normally I don’t feel 100% confident in slimmer fitting clothes but I find the layered top to be much more flattering than your average bodycon dress. It’s pretty casual and I can imagine myself wearing it with converse and an unbuttoned, checked shirt for an effortless look. 

So at the moment, just like thousands of others across the country I am suffering from the wrath of exams, which explains my blog posts becoming more infrequent. However I’m staying relatively motivated and positive and so far I have had just 3 meltdowns due to exams, which admittedly is less than I anticipated. To anyone sitting exams right now just keep calm and do your best, soon it will be summer! Also prom dress update, I did take back my Ted Baker dress as I just didn’t feel good in it and my new one is being made but I’m keeping it a secret until I do a blog post on prom! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. To all sitting exams just remember it’s only a short period of your life so don’t let it get to you too much! 

Keep smiling, 



Hey guys, 

So whilst deciding what exactly what to write for today’s blog post I realised your knowledge on me is still pretty limited, hence the reason I’m doing a q&a. I asked on Instagram for some questions and I got quite a few, obviously I won’t be answering all as I don’t want to bore you but I will do the ones I find most interesting. So let’s get started! 

  My favourite drugstore makeup brand would probably be Rimmel because you really can’t go too wrong with any of their products but if we’re talking high-end I’d have to say benefit. Benefit roller lash has changed my life for the better. 

I found this one so hard to answer because there are so many places I love going, I’m going to ban myself from saying shopping centres though. I think probably my favourite place to go is just on a walk in the countryside or villages, I find it really relaxing and refreshing. 

 Honestly my dream is to be able to fly, that would be pretty fantastic! 

 I really liked all these questions so I am going to answer all of. 
1. Right now my absolute favourite makeup product is the sleek face form Pallette , I only recently started using it but I just think the bronzer, blusher and highlighter really compliment eachother well. 

2. My all time favourite skincare product is the body shop tea tree cleansing toner. It does wonders for my skin 

3. In the future I would like to go to university and study music psychology, then get a job and have a little family 🙂 . 

4. My biggest hobby is probably music, I play the sax and flute and hope to start clarinet soon. I also really enjoy composing music and obviously listening to it. 

5. I am passionate about music and obviously writing.  One of my dreams is to write and publish my own novel, it’s definitely on the bucket list. 

6.  I have no idea how to describe myself because I’m one of those people who can act totally different depending on what situation I’m in. I’d say I’m probably thoughtful, sensitive and smiley.

 In 10 years I will be 26, hopefully I’ll be in a job I enjoy, own my own property and be in a relationship. And have guinea pigs, I’d really like a few guinea pigs. 

 This is such a hard question I really have no idea! I laugh quite a lot so it’s too hard to say. 
I’m conscious that this post is already ️rather long so I’ll stop here. I may do a q&a part 2 to answer some more of the questions, let me know what you think! 


Spring outfit idea 3 

Hey guys, 

It’s that time again where I show you a little spring ensemble to give you inspiration for your own wardrobe. This week all of the items are from New Look; New Look hasn’t always impressed me but at the moment they have some stunning pieces in that I am seriously lusting over.

Top- The Paisley print on this sweet little crop top really caught my eye as I think it captures the summery, festival feel perfectly. I also thought it was an absolute bargain at just £8.99! 

Jeans- I am seeing boyfriend jeans everywhere recently and I love the casual versatility of them. They can be dressed up with a pair of court shoes or just worn with a pair of sandals or converse. Boyfriend jeans make a nice change to my usual skinny jeans and they are much comfier; the distressed front adds to the chilled vibe of the outfit.

Shoes- Right now the high street has such a vast range of sandals and New Look has successfully combined cute sandals with stylish heels. I like how the front looks like a sandal but the block heel at the back will elongate your legs and compliment the boyfriend jeans perfectly. 

Necklace-  Layered necklaces always feel spring/summery and I thought this gold coloured necklace would add a bit more interest to the whole outfit, I feel like layered necklaces are an effortlessly stylish addition to almost any outfit. This one is a bit pricey for New Look at £17.99, nevertheless I really like it. 





Thanks for checking out my latest outfit idea and I hope you get some inspiration for your spring wardrobe! 


Recent drugstore buys 


 Hey guys, 

Recently I have picked up a few makeup bits from the drugstore which I thought I would share with you. My lust for expanding my makeup collection is growing and I wanted to pick up a few products that would be summer staples as the warmer months are fast approaching.


The first thing I wanted to pick up was somethjng to add a summer glow to my pale face, which has been a victim of winter for too long, I decided I wanted to pick up some lovely, summery blushes. These are by Rimmel, the one on the left is pink rose and the one on the right is live pink. I got these because I’d heard such good reviews on them and at just £3.99 I knew I couldn’t really go wrong!   Both of them are pretty and fresh with a slight shimmer to them; the pigmentation is rather good and they are easily buildable which I love because I can either have a naturally flushed cheeks or more of a bolder look. 

  My next purchase was definitely a risk as I had heard terrible reviews on it but I wanted to give it a go myself.  The revlon photoready airbrush effect is a foundation which I had only heard bad things about, personally i don’t understand why as I don’t find it is that terrible. It’s got a medium coverage and does apply evenly to my skin, the big BUT is that is has tiny glitter particles in which makes it less suitable for everyday wear. Despite the glitter particles I wore it today and had a couple of compliments on my makeup so it really couldn’t have been that bad.  I won’t be rushing to re-buy this as I don’t think it’s worth £12.99 however I think it could give your skin a real glow on a night out. 

  This next product is an essential I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, in order to make my eyes look bigger I wanted a white eyeliner for the waterline of my eye. I picked this one up from Rimmel in the shade pure white, it’s called the soft kohl kajal eyeliner pencil which is a bit of a mouthful! This eyeliner is great for an everyday basic, it’s soft, smudgeable and no doubtably awakens my eyes.


 The Rimmel stay matte pressed powder is an essential for most girls, mine has ran out so this is a repurchase. I got this in 001 transparent, a light dusting of this keeps my foundation in places as well as stopping it from creasing under the eye. It feels lightweight and I would recommend it to anyone. My only fault is that on my last one the plastic packaging broke within a few days of me owning it as the lid is quite flimsy, this could just be down to my carelessness though!

  The final purchase was the cherry me baby lips. I love baby lips; I find them so moisturising especially as I am prone to dry lips. The colour of this is gorgeous and yet pretty subtle unlike my electo pink shock one so I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of this! 

So that concludes my recent drugstore buys, let me know in the comments of any products you have bought lately. ❤️


Spring Outfit Idea 2 

Hey guys, 

So I think a new spring outfit idea is definitely well overdue. In the future I’m planning on posting these every Sunday and be a lot more consistent. This outfit idea is a fun, daytime look and all of the clothes are from, they have some gorgeous pieces in at the moment and they are so affordable!  

 Top- This cute little top is the Jennifer ribbed stripe turtle neck crop top. It has a fresh nautical feel to it as well as showing off two popular trends this season. With the black stripes and turtle/high-neck neckline I think this top is really popular right now. It’s simple yet can be styled in so many different ways. 

Skirt-  This skirt is called the Delilah A line zip detail skirt. I fell in love with this little number as soon as I saw it; the 60’s style, A-line skirt is adorably retro and the pastel blue adds a lovely spring vibe which I think really compliments the outfit. 

Shoes- Now these may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I am a big fan of this sling back, fuss free sandal. They look incredibly comfortable and are always so versatile. Usually I tend to go for shoes with a bit more sparkle but something about these really drew me in. 

Bag- The Lara fringed tassel rucksack is the perfect addition to this ensemble. The black makes it simple and wearable whereas the tassels add a little something to it. I think fringing and tassels will be a massive trend this spring/summer as they have a boho, festival feel to them. 

I hope you liked this outfit, I know I do and I have a friend in mind who I think would suit this perfectly! *ahem Lara* (if your reading this). I’ll leave a link for all of these pieces down below if you want to check them out! 






Lush haul 

Hey guys,  

Let me set the scene, it was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I had just been paid and I was internet browsing. The lush website was calling me and my lust for a relaxing soak in a bath of goodness was pretty big. Luckily I did restrain myself from over spending and in the end I just picked up 5 products which I am going to share with you today. 


This cute little guy is called ‘Hoppity Poppity’ and was brought out especially for Easter. This bath bomb has a really fresh and subtle scent with a hint of herbalness (new made up word) and I can not wait to soak in it. I sort of wish I’d have picked up a few of these as they are adorable! 


 This bath bomb is called ‘secret garden’  and the bright colour of this little ball of loveliness really drew me in. I am terrible at describing smells, all I can say is that this bath bomb smells divine and I heard that inside there are petals to make your bath extra special.

  Bath bomb number three is the ‘ickle baby bot’ I am 99% sure it’s aimed at children to help them sleep but I have used it before and love it for myself. The smell is subtle and soothing; I love how it contains lavender as lavender always helps me sleep at night.

  The last bath bomb I bought was ‘space girl’, it’s got a lovely fruity, sweet aroma which I find really enticing. I have used this one already and the fizzing bath bomb really did ‘fly’ round the bath, it also left my skin feeling smooth and clean. 

  My final purchase was the creamy candy bubble bar, it is by far the sweetest lush product I have ever bought which pleases me a lot! It contains almond and Cocoa butter so I should imagine it’ll be extra moisturising. You can get several uses out of this one which is great for me because I really am a bath addict!

Lush products are my favourite bath products and I feel like when I have a lush bath I am really giving myself a treat and a pamper!